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November 30, 2020   

Function First Design

Put Your Web Site to Work

If your website doesn't:
  • make money
  • provide useful information
  • attract new customers or clients
  • save you time
  • manage your data, and/or
  • make your business more productive and your life easier
What is the point of having one?

Your site should be built specifically to handle your business needs. This is the concept behind Function First Design. You don't need a lot of flash and glitter to have an effective, useful, and productive site.

What you need is capability.

Please visit the Portfolio portion of this site to see some specific solutions I've developed to meet individual client needs. Each site comes with a brief overview of the original challenges and a simple explanation of how the problems were solved.

I also encourage you to take a few moments to Consider This... It's a basic list of items to bear in mind when you are contemplating the design (or redesign) your website. It could save you quite a few headaches down the line if you look at this list before you begin!