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April 30, 2017   

Portfolio Samples

These are a few of my favorite sites. Some are simple and some are more complicated, but they are included here because each of them had some specific requirements that were not being met by other designers/developers or content management systems. These sites are intended to give you an idea of what is possible, whether your business is large or small. Every business is unique and has some needs that probably aren't covered by a one-size-fits-all website.

Metzer Farms
Metzer Farms is a hatchery in California that specializes in waterfowl; they also offer pheasants, guinea fowl, and wild turkeys. They have been in business since 1978 and they sell birds all over the country and internationally as well.
They needed a website and ordering system to handle hatch dates (3 months at a time) for 17 breeds of ducks, 12 breeds of geese, the game birds and the guinea fowl. They also sell a wide range of related products including books, blown eggs, fresh or salted eggs, starter feeds, and bird-raising equipment. Due to the obvious nature of a living product line, everything needed to be extremely flexible and easily updatable, in house, in real time.

The site handles multiple ship dates for a single order, calculates all shipping costs, and covers special requirements such as: some breeds of geese can only be ordered in pairs, some are restricted to purchasing only 2 more females than males; the layer ducks ordered in certain quantities come with optional free males; the price on all ducklings is higher for the two weeks preceding Easter; and special pricing and shipping charges apply for very small orders. In short, this product line was simply never going to "fit" a standard shopping cart program...

All products, prices, pictures, descriptions, and available quantities can be updated right in the office at Metzer Farms. Customer stories and recipes can be added too. Orders can be searched by name, date, email, or order number. And, not insignificantly, using this whole system required no training.

Since the launch of this site in May of 2010, we have added some other fun items, such as a wonderful blog, waterfowl videos, and a Find the Hidden Duck Contest!
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