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April 30, 2017   

Portfolio Samples

These are a few of my favorite sites. Some are simple and some are more complicated, but they are included here because each of them had some specific requirements that were not being met by other designers/developers or content management systems. These sites are intended to give you an idea of what is possible, whether your business is large or small. Every business is unique and has some needs that probably aren't covered by a one-size-fits-all website.

Metzer Farms
Austin Brothers Farm
Institute for Wetland & Environmental Education & Research
The Institute for Wetland and Environmental Education and Research (IWEER)offers courses for wetland and environmental professionals from Chicago to Florida. They also sell an assortment of publications.
They needed a website that allowed students to register for courses and/or purchase books online. We built a simple shopping cart program to handle those needs, and included the ability to change the course schedule simply and quickly for each season.
As years went by, IWEER decided that they also wanted to have the final exam of their wetland delineation course available online. The original printed version of this exam was 15 pages, and included graphs, charts, multiple choice, definition matching, and more... So I set to work and wrote an online, self-grading final exam program for them. They have been using the online exam now for 8 or 9 years, and to great effect - they used to spend an hour grading EACH exam, and now they simply get an email notification of each student's attempt at the exam, and their score(s) for each section of the exam.
We have since added complete online courses to the site, so students can study wetland delineation through IWEER from anywhere!
Cedar Heights Center
Brookfield Farm
Fallsbrook Farm
Hilltown Hybrids
New England Falconry
Tuckaway Farm