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April 30, 2017   

Portfolio Samples

These are a few of my favorite sites. Some are simple and some are more complicated, but they are included here because each of them had some specific requirements that were not being met by other designers/developers or content management systems. These sites are intended to give you an idea of what is possible, whether your business is large or small. Every business is unique and has some needs that probably aren't covered by a one-size-fits-all website.

Metzer Farms
Austin Brothers Farm
Institute for Wetland & Environmental Education & Research
Cedar Heights Center
Brookfield Farm
Brookfield Farm is a CSA in Western Massachusetts. They grow food to feed over 500 families in the Pioneer Valley and the Greater Boston area.
This site was designed by someone else, using open source code. Visually, it was a nice site, but some of the features that the farm required were not working and/or were never completed. I was hired to convert the site so that it was easier to use in regard to basic updates and content management, and so that data from the site could be integrated with the farm's existing data management sytems.
Previous to converting the site, all waiting list sign ups had to be manually re-entered into the useable mailing list tables. The update editor was unstable and unpredictable, causing the client a lot of frustration. The weekly lists of produce included in a share had to be typed by hand, and so forth. These are the kinds of problems that computers are supposed to solve, not create!

This site is still in progress. We put together a working version (very quickly) to suffice through the growing season. When the harvest slows down, we will pick up where we left off and finish making the site super-efficient and thoroughly useful.
Fallsbrook Farm
Hilltown Hybrids
New England Falconry
Tuckaway Farm