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April 30, 2017   

Nerd Speak - Don't Be Confused!

These are some common terms in the world of web design, coding, and Internet marketing, and yet I find that lots of people are confused about what they actually mean. If you understand these terms, and which items might actually be useful to you, you can save yourself a lot of time when discussing options for your site with potential designers & code writers.

These are my own (very brief) definitions...

Data Integration
Domains, Hosting, and DNS
A domain or domain name is quite simply a name you choose to represent your site. It's your www name, such as Your host or hosting server, on the other hand, is a very powerful computer on which you rent a bit of space where your website will reside. DNS stands for Domain Name Server, and it does the job of connecting your domain name to the proper location (hosting server) of your site.
Think of it like this: The hosting server is like an office space you've rented downtown. The domain name is the sign you hang out front - a sign with your business name on it. And DNS is like a business directory that connects the name on your sign with the actual street address of your business.
A domain name is purchased by the year, and generally costs about $15/yr - a bit less if you purchase it for a longer time. Each domain name is unique, and can only be used by one person or business at a time.
Hosting server space is rented. You rent space on a server and your website will take up that space. Hosting averages about $10/month, but can be more or less depending usually upon which services are included with the hosting.
DNS is set up by your web designer or developer when you install your website on a hosting server. There is no annual or monthly fee for DNS.
Open Source
Social Media

If you have a term that you think should be added to this list, please don't hesitate to drop me a note and ask me to define it for you! If enough people ask me about the same term, the term will make this page!