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November 30, 2020   

About Mary Hager

I have been designing and coding web sites since 1999.

My original Bachelor's degree is in Russian and Political Science, with my computer education coming almost 15 years later. When I returned to school, I studied Cold Fusion (CFML), Perl, PHP, Networking, Javascript, Flash, SQL, and general web coding.

I now specialize in content and data management, writing original code to suit the specific requirements of each client. The needs of individual businesses are widely varied. One business might just be seeking simple administration, allowing them to make copy and image updates without getting a migraine; another might require a complete and complex shopping cart program; still others are looking for calendars, inventory and data management, or custom programs that can save them hours a week in wasted time and frustration.

My philosophy in site development is that every site should serve a functional and productive purpose. No site should be just a "pretty face." My goal with every project is to create a useful tool for my client, taking all the considerations of his or her unique business into account. If I can understand what the business does, I can build a site to help manage it and make it work smarter.

I live on a small farm in Western Massachusetts.
(And yes, that is one of my irises...)